thicker than water

A narrative short film. After sneaking into a horror film at the movie theater, a young girl is confronted with another grown-up experience. It was developed during a short film writing workshop hosted by Wild Meep, and shot with a minimal crew and budget.

Far too bloody for a girl your age

At the start of 2019, Wild Meep hosted a series of workshops in which we taught a crash-course on storytelling for the screen. From one of those workshops, we developed the film Thicker Than Water, a slice of life film about growing up and how that affects the relationships around you.

 “It’s a sweet story. We need more of that in this world.”

Wild Meep produced, directed, shot, and edited the film on location at Filmtheater de Uitkijk, the oldest continuously running movie theater in Amsterdam. Shot in one location, with two actors, in less than a full day, it’s a showcase of how far one can push their limitations. The film was nominated for Best Short Short at the New Renaissance Film Festival in Amsterdam.

Starring: Faela Van Deyzen, Hugh Mackay

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