Georgie’s music festival

For Chasing the HiHat’s annual Georgie’s Wundergarten festival, Wild Meep created 17 original video art pieces announcing the myriad of stages and themes of the festival.

party all weekend

Georgie’s Wundergarten needed eye-catching original content to showcase on their uniquely interactive website and on social media, with a focus on promoting their Sunday and Weekender tickets.

“Daniel and Michelia were daring and creative enough to take on our crazy experimental ideas and turn them into smart, edgy pieces of media art. Step outside the box with them!” Rob Simon, Owner Chasing the Hihat

Based on a general brief, we conceived, produced, directed, shot, and edited over 17 videos including: cinemagraphs, perfect loops, boomerangs, clone gifs, and wigglegrams. Each video was built for social media, attracting as many eyeballs as possible, while communicating the right vibe, feel, and story for each stage. Each video was also converted to GIFs and loaded onto the Georgie’s website to encourage interactivity.


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