Acterys is an on-premise based service for data discovery and planning, integrated with Power BI and Excel. Acterys is based in Australia, with offices in the USA, and has clients all over the world. Wild Meep produced remote testimonial video shot in Singapore, edited in Amsterdam, and delivered it globally. 

Remote Video Production

With a lot of planning, a good deal of prep, and certain “je ne sais quoi” (years and years of experience), we can turn what might seem to be a ‘meh’ situation into “that looks like a professional video!” With proper pre-interviews and visual guidance, we elevated webcam footage to its upper-limits. .

“It’s the most professional video of Acterys I’ve ever seen! Well done.” 

Wild Meep delivered the video right on time for the FinNext conference (with honestly not a lot of lead-up). We love being on an actual set, but remote video production opens up possibilities and allows us to access your clients and employees across the globe instanously. We capture their stories in a visually compelling and story-driven video format and help you broadcast that to your customers and future hires. Interested in us doing the same for you? Reach out!


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